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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions for students, schools, organizations in order to answer everyone’s questions about the different opportunities.


A one-week internship experience (35 hours) including:

  • information activities (explain the academic training required, the qualities and skills required, future prospects, etc.)
  • observation activities (attending daily tasks and feedback on understanding)
  • exploration activities (allow, as far as possible, the trainee to perform practical tasks)
  • To validate a career orientation
  • To discover a sector of activity


This varies depending on the supervision capacity of the internship environment (individual or group). We often suggest hosting two interns to form a synergy and allow them to work as a team.

Register online or contact the partnerships team at

The person who authorizes the internship is the one who validates the organization’s participation in the Business Class program. As for the mentor, this is the adult who welcomes and supervises the trainee (s). The person who authorizes the internship can also be the mentor.

This involves supervising young people during their internship and guiding them in their choice of career and post-secondary studies.

The week preceding the internship or on the first day, a Montréal Relève employee will accompany the student for a meeting of approximately 30 minutes with the professional mentor. The objective of this meeting is to promote the integration of the intern by introducing him to the reception team and reminding everyone of their responsibilities.

As the objective of the career exploration internship is neither employability nor the fulfillment of employee duties, the latter does not conflict with collective agreements.

During the school year, students choose four career sectors that interest them. An internship will be offered to them according to their career interests and their availability.

As the internship is considered an extracurricular activity, students are insured by their respective school board and by private insurance from Montréal Relève.

Ideally, the internship setting should provide the necessary protective equipment and equipment.


You don’t have to cover meals or transportation costs unless you want to.

Your involvement ends at the end of the internship week. Some mentors wish to remain in touch with the young people received, as a professional resource.