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Students Business



Montreal Relève’s flagship program, Students Business provides a privileged encounter between high school students and Montreal professional circles. For the participants, these meetings initiate the first career reflections upstream of career choices, allowing them to explore current and future know-how and interpersonal skills, valued on the job market.

The Student Business program is also the ideal opportunity for Montreal organizations to get involved in building the professional world of tomorrow by stimulating the dynamics of change in their sector of activity through the integration of this program within their work environment and also through inspiring activities for the future Montreal workforce. In collaboration with private companies, workforce committees and professional orders, post-secondary training institutions, public and parapublic organizations, the Students Business program represents a concrete solution to workforce issues. The implementation of this initiative follows an inclusive approach and allows a direct and lasting impact on the professional future of young Montrealers, in terms of the diversified representation of professional success and the opportunities it represents for the most vulnerable participants.


Students Business is …

• internships
• webinars
• video clips
• privileged meetings
• exploring careers at a pivotal moment in the lives of young people
• mentoring with matchmaking by interests

The delicate balance of mentoring is not to create them in your own image, but to give them the opportunity to create themselves.

─ Steven Spielberg
Filmmaker / Producer


20 is the age of the program this year!
2 school units from the Ministry of Education when the activity is completed
25 participating Montreal high schools
• + 1 500 students qualify for an internship each year
20,000 young people on internship since 2001
• more than 1,700 organizations and departments involved since the launch of the program
• more than 10,000 students met annually to promote the program


Present in 6 school service centers, the Students Business program covers 11 boroughs of the city of Montreal


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