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In an evolving world, in which transformations are taking place at an increased speed, we are witnessing profound changes: constant introduction of new technologies, modification of professional practices, emergence of new professions and reorganization of working methods.

In this context, which can be very destabilizing and anxiety-provoking for young people, the innovative programs of Montréal Relève aim to support young succession in their journey of exploration and benchmarking by:

  • supporting academic motivation and perseverance
  • opening up career horizons
  • discovering the different facets of the labor market
  • reducing anxiety in the expectation of socio-professional integration

By creating dialogue and multiplying the opportunities for meetings between the next generation and a large network of partners mobilized and invested in the business community, Montréal Relève enables young people to gain a positive and concrete understanding of the job market.



Montreal Relève’s flagship program, Classes Affaires provides a privileged encounter between high school students and Montreal professional circles. For the participants, these meetings initiate the first career reflections upstream of career choices, allowing them to explore the know-how and interpersonal skills valued on the job market.

Business Class presents a turnkey formula. Accompanied by mentors, students are called upon to discover exciting career opportunities in 18 economic sectors.

The proposed logistics support schools by enabling young people to look to the future. To find out more about the activities offered and the different prices, contact us!

“I loved the experience! It was really well organized and I will have recommended it to my friends! ”
-Olivier Roy, Secondary 3, Louis-Riel School, Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve Borough


1- Promotion of the program in schools – January
2- Registration – January to February
3- Workshops – February to May
4- Confirmation of availability (online) – early May
5- Welcome meeting with the mentor – June to August
6- Internship period – June to August
7- Final evaluation (online) – week following the internship

Although our internship searches can go beyond the sectors named below, we have developed excellent expertise with the following sectors:

  • Administration and accounting
  • Aerospace
  • Food
  • Arts, culture, image and sound
  • Insurance and financial services
  • Design
  • Right
  • Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Aesthetics and body care
  • engineering
  • Marketing, commerce, sales and communication
  • Manual and technical trades
  • Health and biopharmaceuticals
  • Citizen services
  • Social and community services
  • Information and communications technologies
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Transport and logistics


Each partner school is assigned to a project manager, an employee of Montreal Relève, who is present at the school a few days a month to answer questions about the program, give workshops and provide support to registered students. Whenever possible, the project manager attends a meeting with teachers and school administrators to present the program. During parent-teacher meetings, he also runs an information booth.


The Business Classes program is not imposed on students. Once the program’s promotional sessions have been completed, future trainees register on a voluntary basis via the Montréal Relève site.


The internships are canvassed by the partnerships team, which annually offers more than 1,500 internship offers to participants of the Business Class program.


During the internship, the mentor fills in the internship notebook, which aims to follow up on the internship plan validated by the partnerships team. In addition, after a few days with the intern (s), mentors are contacted individually by the partnerships team to ensure follow-up. Once the internship and the various stages of the program have been successfully completed, the student receives two academic units.

Without encroaching on the tasks of the guidance counselor, the Business Classes program is intended to be a complementary tool for the personal and professional development of students.

Would you like Business Classes to be offered at your school? Contact Gaëlle Douët, coordinator, development of the school network at Montréal Relève at 514 910-7742 | Gaëlle Douët