Montréal Relève

Women for the next generation


Des Elles program for the next generation

Women for the next generation is a campaign to recruit women from all walks of life who wish to become mentors by volunteering in the activities of Montreal Relève. Thanks to the support of the Secrétariat à la Condition Féminine du Québec, the initiative aims to highlight the journey of women in non-traditional settings. The selected mentors are matched according to the interests of the students, in order to create a learning and networking environment that benefits the socio-economic development of Montreal.

Mentoring is a rewarding way to develop your network, to connect with the community, to demystify the job market with young people who are thirsty for learning  at a time in their life that requires making important choices.



Female mentoring is also an effective way to break the glass ceiling that still exists in many circles.