Montréal Relève

Students Business – Relève SciTech


Relève SciTech is a mentoring and career exploration project that aims to propel the development of talents and skills in science and technology among youth aged 14 to 16 (Secondary 3 and 4).

As part of the project, Montréal Relève is forming a specialized science and technology cohort within Student Business, the organization’s flagship program that brings high school students together with the professional world.

Since 65% of participants in Montréal Relève programs are girls, and knowing that, as early as age 15, girls and boys have different preconceptions about certain fields and their ability to succeed in them, the project is an ideal opportunity to stimulate and consolidate girls’ interest in targeted fields where women remain significantly underrepresented.

By participating in the Relève SciTech project, participants will be encouraged to explore their career interests and learn about different STEM fields. As a result of these activities, participants will feel more confident in making informed decisions about their academic and professional futures.

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